B Smith Bedding

B Smith Bedding
B Smith Bedding


B Smith Bedding

B Smith Bedding
B Smith Bedding

B Smith Bedding


The bed or beds is a furniture or premises used as a place to sleep or rest. Throughout history, the bed has developed comes from the type of simple, like a mattress filled with straw up to luxury fixtures decorated with fabrics. Such as various types of other furniture, the bed is often seen as a symbol of social class and wealth.B Smith Bedding
Most of the beds modern consists of a skeleton framework of iron or wood (a bedstead). Accessories for the bed added is the mattress for comfort, the fabric cover (sheet), blanket, and pillow. Bed able to also beneficial as the other furniture, for example, be a sofa against the time not used.Contents derived from the mattress could be straw, feathers, cotton and artificial fillers. Most mattress modern mengfungsikan spring, hard foam, water, or air.b smith bedding sets,B Smith Bedding,
On the bottom of the mattress, is usually the box spring (box spring). This box is a box about the size of the mattress is made coming from wood and springs that add additional help and suspension for the mattress. The next layer is usually the frame of the bed that supports the mattress or box per above on the ground.b smith bedding serene

The type of bed
Water bed, is a bed skeleton enhanced with a mattress that consists of pouches vinyl load water.
Bed Murphy (Murphy bed), is a type of bed that could be folded along its hinges into a closet. Not all people sleep in the bed skeleton and the mattress. In Japan and Latin America, many people sleep on straw mats laid on the floor. In tropical countries people sleep in the crib (hammock).
The type of bed to another:
Four-poster bed, bedroom 4 pole
Bunk beds, terraced beds
Futon, bed Japanese
Single bed, single beds
Divan, bed legless
Double bed, bed double



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